Sunday, September 20, 2009

Great Party and Off to the Camp Site

Had a wonderful time at a co-workers end of summer BBQ last night. John Bartalotta throws a great party. He is a great cook, not your normal BBQ faire. Fried ravioli, homemade stuffed breads, Clam Chowder, kielbasa (done 2 ways), steamed mussels with crusty bread, chicken francaise( sp ???), roasted potatos, roasted peppers and onions and steaks done to perfection, after dinner apertiffes with coffee and espresso. He is a wonderful host and he was extremely pleased with my hostess gift - 24 YuengLing beers - 12 Premium and 12 Lager - put them right in his down stairs fridge - not for the pary goers as was my intent. Thanks to my cousin Evan for picking them up for me in NY as they are not available in CT. 

Today it is off to Hammonasett Beach for camping with my Cousin Kathy for a couple of nights. Looks like good weather - will be brisk - perfect for campfires!

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