Sunday, August 2, 2009

Family, Food, Fishing and Tornados

Family, Food and Fishing........

Lots of Food and Fun !

Fishing was Fun ! We practice catch and release. I was told that I was the winner of the most fish caught but I was not counting - Boys said I landed 10! Mostly white perch, a couple of big Sunnies and a couple of baby pike. Even though they are not very big the white perch hit the bait hard and put up a good fight! Steve caught the only bass ( according to Dave a rock bass).

Now to Tornados>>>

Friday July 31, 2009 at around 4:00 pm an extreme storm passed through the Stratford/Shelton border near work. Lots and lots of damage, trees broken into pieces and strewn about, lab flooded at work - on way home obvious, unusual damage seen on southbound side of Parkway - trees broken like matchsticks, Route 110 also was closed ( my first pathway home - had to turn around) Well today the national weather guys confirmed what I already suspected - a tornado in the Pine Rock Park area of Shelton. Second confirmed tornado in CT this summer. Crazy weather for sure.

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